We are a contracting company that provides turnkey underground construction services. Our crews are all in-house and will come alongside you as an extension of your project team representing you our client and your project. We are customer obsessed remaining actively involved and engaged in all day-to-day operations.

Directional boring is a very popular drilling technique and is performed to accomplish much more than laying pipes underground. This technique can also be used to lay electrical wires and communication lines. You need to consider why exactly you need to hire a directional boring company like us. This will help inform your choices when searching for a directional boring company, since you will be able to narrow down on the companies that offer the type of service you are looking for to minimize confusion and misunderstandings.

Yes, we are fully accredited and insured. When looking for a directional boring company, you ought to make sure that you only work with services like ours that have been accredited by the relevant agencies and organizations. An accredited company will have well-trained and experienced boring contractors and equipment that is up to date on maintenance. This will ensure that your project doesn’t end up a big blunder. Keep in mind that if a company is reluctant to provide proof of licensing, insurance, certification, or any other official documentation, you should thank them for their time and move on to a company that has all their paperwork in order.

Yes, this may be the most constraining factor you encounter. While you should not hire a directional boring company based on costs alone, your budget will certainly need to come into play. When looking for a directional boring company, you ought to consider how much money you can comfortably set aside for this project. When meeting with us or any other drilling contractor, it is important to know the size of conduit needing installed, soil conditions and length of bore.

Although you must keep your bottom line in mind, do not be tempted to enlist the services of a company whose charges are suspiciously low. This may have negative implications on the quality of service they offer.

Our in-house crew has successfully bored under roadways, driveways, building foundations, parking lots, densely wooded areas, golf courses etc., Our experienced crew is known for boring in areas where others say they cannot.

Directional boring (horizontal drilling) is a very efficient method of getting into an area, setting up and commencing operations. Open Trenching depending on depth and local ordinances can require additional labor, planning, supervision, safety precautions, and restoration. Urban areas such as water crossings, high traffic areas, pedestrian traffic, railroad spurs, and airports are ideal for directional drilling. Rural areas with low vehicle and pedestrian traffic tend to be better suited for open trenching. Our Project Managers will review your project after performing a site survey to best determine what options are best and available to you the client.

We can conduct directional boring and trenching operations in warm or cold weather. Cold and snow weather does pose unique challenges as it relates to identification of underground utilities and frost lines. Severely cold weather can delay operations but, in most cases, we deal mostly with additional time to transport and startup. Site preparation times may take longer, and full restoration of frozen surface areas sometimes will require a follow up site visit in the spring.

One of the many benefits of trenchless technology/Directional Boring is that its impact to the surrounding area is very minimal. However, there are times when trenching is preferred method and as a result trench lines will need to be backfilled, compacted and restoration of surface areas such as lawns, wild grass, concrete, asphalt.

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive way to find a utility with a reduced chance of damaging it, while locating it. High pressure water is directed at the excavation site and then pumped back into a tank. This procedure is great for locating high value utilities. We can find any utility or object that is up to 6 ft deep and all but eliminate the risk for damaging it or the surrounding structures.